Why is our token distribution different than an ICO?


We are issuing security tokens, not utility tokens.  As a result, investors in our STO will be granted a specific set of rights in Vytalyx, rights of which shall be granted pursuant to that certain private placement memorandum. Conversely, purchasers in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) typically do not receive any such rights but rather access to use a specific network, platform or service. Participating in an STO is similar to an ICO in that an investor may purchase tokens during an STO that may be bought, sold or held, provided, however, in an STO, security tokens are actual securities backed by tangible such as assets, profits or revenue of the company. Therefore, due to the fact our STO will be backed by tangibles with the potential to profit from increases in VYT Token value, our STO token distribution may differ substantially than in an ICO.

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